What is Wet Cleaning?
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What is Wet Cleaning?

Wet Cleaning refers to a newer professional method of garment cleaning that is MORE environmentally friendly and LESS harsh on your garments compared to traditional Dry Cleaning methods.

Wet Cleaning avoids the use of harmful chemicals and solvents such as perchloroethylene or “perc” and is therefore better for the environment. Environmental groups have indicated that such alternative “wet cleaning” methods are better for the environment than perc.

Although there are many Wet Cleaning systems in todays market, we only use the cutting edge Lagoon Advanced Care system which coincidentally is the only wet cleaning system approved by woolmark. This system can be used without shrinking or otherwise damaging garments that typically require dry cleaning.

It is not the use of water that makes wet cleaning a safer method for cleaning clothes. Computer-controlled wet cleaning machines, special dryers with built in moisture sensors, Plant based detergents and non-toxic spot removers are what make wet cleaning an environmentally sound method.

Wet cleaning is the most environmentally sensitive professional method of garment cleaning. It does not use hazardous chemicals, it does not generate hazardous waste, nor does the process create air pollution and it reduces the potential for water and soil contamination. The specialized detergents and conditioner used in the wet clean process are milder than domestic laundry products. All of the products are disposed of down the drain and easily handled by the local waste water treatment facility.

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